I made yesterday a GUI mockup for CATIA on OSX

Posted by z on October 12, 2014

Dassault Systémes advertised CATIA V6 for Windows, Linux, AIX and OSX, but client support for any operating system other than Microsoft Windows was dropped. Sad.

On OSX platform we have just Siemens NX from the industry-standard triumvirate (ProE, NX, CATIA) with OpenMotif GUI. Trust me: You don't want that. Oh, and AutoCAD...

So i just tinkered with it for one hour, and this is, what i would like to see : CATIA on OSX. Simple, solid, easy.

Full screen, but with toolbars and icons!
The windows version have full-screen mode too, but it is almost just for presentation purposes. I always trying to maximize my work area and i would like to hide the taskbar, the window titlebars and many other GUI elements, what is not important for my work, but i cannot.

Please for the god’s sake: native UI!
I know, it is cheaper to borrow the Linux UI with Motif like NX did, but at the end, the final product is far aways from usable state, the window management is broken, the “more-window” solution makes the end-users life hard. The good news: Siemens have plans for change to native UI, hopefully we’ll get it soon. NX10, please?

Vector icons!
It is 2014, not 1990 anymore.