Desktop BSD


After distrohopping almost every possible system, finally OpenBSD landed on my laptop as my main operating system around a year ago. If you are interested in the reasoning, head over the site to learn more about the system. Below you can find various pieces of the config files i am using.


OpenBSD base install (if you install Xenocara) provides fvwm and cwm as part of the base system. I am using cwm, the so called “calm window manager”. It is a minimal, functional window manager which provides the basic window handling functions nothing more, nothing less. The window manipulation needs both keyboard and the mouse, it is a stacking wm, so your windows will overlap. Keep this in mind.

cwm configuration happens mainly in the ~/.cwmrc file, you can find mine here.

The status bar

Here, too, i wanted something minimal, therefore i went with conky

You can configure conky using the ~/.conkyrc file, you can find my config here.

Shell / X resources

Shell and basic X colors are defined in the ~/.Xresources file, find my config here.

That’s basically it. I will however probably write more about OBSD and about BSDs in general later.