Hi and welcome, my name is Zoltán Mizsei.

Currently I have more than 10 years of CAD experience behind me and I have obtained significant expertise in the area of CATIA automation.

Presently I am working in the Stuttgart-based office of Segula Technologies Experts AG. as senior development lead engineer, where I am able to save lot of time and energy by know-how recycling and parametric modelling methods, furthermore with macros, scripts and PDM-friendly solutions. I am keen on elaborating motion simulation, depending on the situation in DMU kinematic module or “skeleton” based. In my work I always aspire for clear, tidy, transparent and logic model construction; I am open to new ideas and I am constantly in the search of new and more effective solutions.

I often derive advantage of my expertise collected due to my far-flung scope of interest; I am pleased to face tasks full of challenges whereby I need to utilise my geometric, IT knowledge, problem-solving skills and logic for achieving the desired goal. As a result of my IT-related interest and hobbies I can easily get good understanding of new trends and technologies and I can integrate them with ease into my work processes. In the last years I had the opportunity to gain experience in writing educational materials and training of peers and to develop my manager skills through team management and work process planning.

Due to my personal interest and work I continuously maintain international relations, and I enjoy myself and feel confident in a multicultural environment. I am an open and friendly person; I am pleased to see that as a result of my cooperation/support something new and amazing is created.

Even though currently my work is related to the motor industry, in my free-time I am keen on writing code for microcontrollers, administering websites and translating books.